August 2018

August started with Daddy having a week off work and so a bothy trip was planned. Euan & I did three bothies in four nights.
First we went to Cadderlie, the one we failed to find previously, and stayed two nights. Got the fire going and cooked tea. We scared the next visitors away, not meaning too, but the next couple stayed. The next day we sorted some firewood, had a paddle on the loch and cooked dinner outside. Beef stew and dumplings, it was delicious. Another couple arrived while we were cooking dinner and then much later three tired and hungry Germans arrived. They were very grateful we had the fire lit. The next morning we paddled back to the car and headed to Fort William. A resupply of food was followed by a fish & chip tea. We the drove out towards Mallaig and paddled across to Essan bothy. A trek from the water through head high bracken was an adventure! We met a couple of teachers here and later another person joined us. We got the fire going and had a pleasant evening watching the bothy TV. Next morning, a brief visit to Fort William for more supplies, but only after watching the Jacobite express go past. Another transport treat was to see the Monarch of the isles ferry come through Neptune's staircase. We then drove up to Loch Arkaig and paddled across to Invermallie bothy. What a lovely bothy. We took over a room and cooked dinner. It was pleasantly warm so we didn't bother with a fire but did notice the fireplace has a grill that would support the dutch oven - we need to come back and try this out. The next morning we paddled back to the car and headed home.
We had a day in Dundee, climbing indoors at Avertical World and then met Mummy for tea before getting the bus home.
The weather thwarted our plans of a camping trip to finish the holidays so we went cycling, a good day out in Pitmedden forest, followed by a cultural visit to Aberdeen. We stayed in the youth hostel again, getting the same room, went to the cat cafe and the pictures. After the film we found an excellent Spanish restaurant, we needed the walk back to help digest the feast.
Back to work for Daddy and back to rugby training for Euan. Euan & I cooked dinner for Mummy for her birthday and had an early opening of the presents.
The month was rounded off by Wendy having another succesful year at the Errol Flower Show, far too many prizes to list here!

Euan's bit

Cornwall... Lots of things to say! The train journey was quite quiet and peaceful. Lots of snacks to keep us going! After we got there we were driven to Auntie Margarets house. Once we got there we got into bed and slept like a log! I had a great time swimming the next day. After that for the next few days I went fishing, more swimmming (not at the same time!) and lots of eating! The journey back wasnt as good, we managed to get a carraige with no air conditioning and we were all tired.
Visiting all those bothies was an amazing experience. I had great fun at AVertical World indoor climbing centre for a day. We went to Aberdeen for a day. Very good time at the cat cafe! I think thats all I can say to conclude my first part of the website!

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