January 2019

Happy New Year! We had a quiet start to 2019 as everyone was slightly under the weather with the sniffles. It has been rather cold and frosty but luckily rugby training has been indoors so no getting out of the Sunday morning exercise for Euan. Daddy has burned his calories trying to keep warm at the sessions!
Euan has been using his Christmas cook book a great deal and so far has treated us to delights such as matchstick pannacotta and pork with glazed carrots and a honey mustard sauce.
Daddy has his annual CPC training this month - he successfully completed this without falling asleep! Most of our weekends in January have involved electrical work. John has spent a great deal of time crawling about under the house identifying where the wiring goes. We have now successfully completed the relocation of sockets in the kitchen in time for next months refit!
It was auntie Gillians birthday on the 23rd of Janaury. We are looking forward to going to Berwick to see her at the beginning of February

Euan's bit

Happy New Year! It's already February! New years eves morning was spent at Gelder Sheil Bothy in Balmoral, where we met a lovely lady who had the fire going! To start it off, we went to see Mary Poppins Returns at Perth cinema!
There's been good fun at Scouts including Gingerbread house making and other fun stuff. Enjoyed a tournament at Scotstoun, Home of the Glasgow Warriors, and made it through to the finals but beaten 1-0. The indoor training at Strathallen was just as cold outside as it was in! Still I enjoyed practicing passing and evasion.
Cant wait until the new kitchen is fitted and my new bedroom furniture! But until then have a great February.

February 2019

Despite being a short month February has been pretty busy. It's also had some really frosty days... -8 some mornings and also really mild,,,15 degrees on the 27th!! Maybe the snow will arrive in March?!
The month started with an overnight run to Berwick to take Auntie Gillian out for dinner for her birthday. A new restraunt was tried, very good.
The big event this month was The Great Bowhill Birthday Bash to celebrate the significant birthdays happening this year - a 95th, two 50th, a 40th and a 30th! It was lovely to see all the family and enjoy Brodie and Rosemary's wonderful hospitality. Mummy made a malteser cheescake for this event - it was a big hit!!
The other big event this month was the new kitchen!! Daddy and Euan did the sensible thing and went away for a couple of days whilst this happened. Meanwhile, Mummy survived with a kettle and microwave in the corner of the lounge. However, it was worthwhile as the new kitchen is looking fab!
The Bothy trip was great although I wasn't sure we were going to make it against the wind on the way over!! We made it and established ourselves in a busy bothy, got the fire lit, dinner cooked and then relaxed. The pizza's for lunch had mixed results but notes have been taken for the next time. Lots of photos were taken and I will try and get a slide show sorted.
Euan is continuing to really enjoy going to scouts. Activities this month included air rifle shooting, an incident hike at Kinnoull Hill, some more first aid training and more cooking on camping stoves.... in preparation for next month's camp!!

Euan's bit

Wow! 2 months have past already! We started the month off with the great birthday bash for everyone. I had great fun eating the whole night!
Whilst the new kitchen was being fitted my Dad, Shan, Howard and I ran away to Invermallie bothy! We had great fun paddling about and whitiling.
At Scouts we've been doing air rifle shooting and we had a incident hike where we put up an emergency shelter. Overall it was a good month and I look forward to the one ahead!


Most of March was occupied with putting the house back to some normaility following the new kitchen fitting. It's an ongoing project!! However, a widened driveway and new gates have been added to this months completed projects.
For his final World Book Day at primary school, Euan chose to be Mr Twit. This involved a purple suit, bushy beard and wig. It was very effective. We also had the final primary parents night. Euan continues to do well but needs to be reminded that he isn't always right!!
Euan took part in his first Scout camp this month at Douglaswood on the outskirts of Dundee. The weather was kind to them and he had great fun, including making mug cakes and smelting woggles.
Mummy had a week of annual leave at the end of the month. The weather was great so plently of long walks around Errol...and to collect Euan from school. Auntie Jennifer popped down to Dundee for a visit so we had a wander round the V&A. Jennifer thought it was nice but not living up to the hype!!
Some excellent rugby was played, in the snow and the mud but it was cancelled one Sunday because of waterlogged pitches, so we took a run to Ikea - a constructive day
The month was rounded off by a gardening day resulting in two skip runs to get rid of the debris.

Euan's bit

March over already! Just like that! We started of the month of March with World Book Day! I dressed up as Mr Twit with a purple jacket, some purple trousers and a glue bucket. I also had a fake beard and hair! It was really fun doing World Book Day for the last time.
Then I had ACWAI 2019! At camp I had great fun making Mug cakes and crepes! We also made woggles out of pewter and an escape room! On the last day my team won a box of Maltesers each!
Then it was Parents Evening! I got a reasonably good report in my opinion! Overall this has been a really good month and I hope it will be the same this month! Hope you all have a great Easter and have a nice time!


Wendy's bit

We had a very busy month in April as most of the days were school holidays! Euan spent the first week of the holidays with childminder, Karen. They did lots of fun activities including making teepees at the Ninewells Community Garden, a visit to the V& A and pancake making.
Mummy was off the second week of the holidays so we made the most of the good weather with assorted days out. A visit to the Crannog on Loch Tay was fascinating, and the refreshment at the Highland Chocolatier in Grantully was described by Euan as the best hot chocolate he had ever had!
Our Edinburgh visit involved more eating out at a very nice Italian deli. We also did some fabric shopping in Edinburgh = the remainder of the month then involved the sewing machine coming out of retirement to produce a waistcoat and bow tie!!
Mummy and Euan both took part in a scout hike at Moncrieffe Hill. It was a beautiful day and the views over Perth and down the Tay were stunning.
Camping at Rothiemucus at Easter was great fun - there was even an Easter bunny running around..

John's bit

Euan and I woke up in a bothy on 1st April. "More fool you" Said Mummy!! It was a nice cosy little bothy, especially once we got the fire going. The other people in the bothy were impressed with the speed at which we got the fire going.
Euan & I were then off on a bothy recce trip to Mark cottage & Doune Byre. Mark cottage was busy because it was the annual meeting of the group that look after the bothy, good job we had the tent. We called in at Doune Byre and cooked up a bit of lunch, a nice bothy.
We had a constructive weekend in the garden and got the crops planted before we had a lovely weekend away at Rothiemurcus. We had advised the Scott family that we were going camping for Easter and they were also present at Rothiemurcus. A very pleasant few days away.
John had a few days off work to rearrange the house in preparation for a new lounge carpet, it looks excellent.
The month ended with a rugby tournament at Crieff. There were three Perth teams, a mix of P6 & 7's. Perth won, and what a final it was. After extra time it was still a draw so it went to sudden death and Perth scored. The boys invaded the pitch, what excitement!

and finally..........Euan's bit

We started the month off with sleeping in a bothy. Allt Sheihshan, near Blair Atholl. It was quite a long walk in and quite small and cosy. My mum and I went to the scottish parliament, which was very interesting. We also went to Inverurie to met Auntie Jennifer and had a look round a garden centre.
Then we went camping at Rothiemurcus with Shan's family. We went cycling and then canoeing along the river spey, and fell in.
We also have planted the potatos, oninons, leeks and carrots in the garden. We also had some unexpected horse chestnut trees... We are looking forward to the new month and more canoeing/bothy adventures!


There have been lots of outdoor activities in May, mainly for Euan but Mum and Dad have been active too!
Euan was away at Dalguise Outdoor Centre as a residential trip with the rest of the P7's for 4 nights. They had fantastic, sunny and warm weather...which meant there wasn't actually that much dirty washing to do when he came home! Despite being absolutely exhausted from the trip, Euan managed to summon up enough energy to go along to Scout's on the Friday night. This was an evening at Willowgate doing some kayaking and Katakanu! Great fun! They had a return visit two weeks later to do some stand up paddling boarding which had involved a lot of swimming about in the water!!
Not to be outdone, Daddy decided to take a trip to Lochore Meadows to do some windsurfing. The weather was ideal, and he was soon flying across the water! Euan and Mummy looked on in appreciation at his skill as we cycled round the loch (well actually we were just checking he hadn't drowned!)
Home improvements continued in May - Euan's bedroom had a makeover whilst he was away. Walls are now painted orange and blue ...looks better than it sounds!
Mummy and Euan had an overnight trip down to Shipley in Yorkshire at the beginning of May to attend Laura and Nick's wedding. It was a lovely occasion and a joy to attend. Many people commented on how dapper Euan looked in his tartan waistcoat which Mummy had sewn for him. Not forgetting the bow tie!


June was Euan's final month at Errol Primary School, so many of the activities centred around events for transition to Perth High School in August. Euan had two full days at Perth High, involving getting the bus, finding his way around classes and a timetable as well as sampling the school dinners. This all seemed to go well. Later in the month, both Mum and Euan attended a couple of evening sessions at the school. This first one in DET (Desgin, Engineering & Technology) involved making a wooden Post-It holder and the second was an art class. Both very enjoyable and a good opportunity to meet other pupils, parents and teachers. The end of year service at Errol church was very enjoyable, with all of the P7 pupils looking very smart in their ties (Euan had to borrow one from the school office!)
Outdoor activities this month included a walk in Glen Clova, Scout cycle camp and a bothy trip to Gelder Sheil, using the new bike trailers for the first time. Dad and Euan also went for a swim and play on the climbing wall in Dundee while Mum went out for lunch. The weather has also allowed some al fresco dining. Dad has been playing with the Primus stove and has produced, pitta breads, naan breads and meatballs so far!
We managed to fit in two agricultural shows in June - West Fife at the start of the month. Getting out of the car park through the thick mud was entertaining as was watching other drivers tackle this problem!! No such concerns at the Highland Show, which was a lovely day out. Euan was too busy making pork stir fry at the RHET building to meet Nicola Sturgeon in the other room. As usual, having food to eat made up for his disappointment!
We had an entertaining evening at the 4th Fife Scout Group 'curryoke' night, taking place to raise money for a new Scout Hall. We didn't sing but certainly enjoyed the curry.

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