Euan's sixth year!

January 2013

After all the festivities of December we have had a fairly quiet start to 2013, but it has been nice to get back into our usual routines.
Euan was happy to get back to school and did very well learning and reciting 'Wee Willie Winkie' for the Scot's Poetry competition at school. He was a little disappointed not to be chosen to perform in front of the headmaster.
We've had a little bit of snowy weather but not enough for a snowman to be built. The wintry weather did almost thwart out trip to Berwick to see Auntie Gillian, as Daddy was delayed by 12 hours at work! However we did mange to head south and had a nice evening out with Gillian to celebrate her birthday. We were very happy to have a phone call from Euan's great-uncle Bob - it had been his 82nd birthday this month too!


We had a visit from Autie Margaret at the beginning of February. Euan was delighted with this and entertained her well!. As Auntie Margaret had bought Mummy some flowers this got Daddy out of having to buy any for Valentines Day. However, Euan did present Mummy with a lovely pink heart he had cut out and decorated at school.
Mummy and Daddy had a special treat of an overnight stay in a posh hotel in Dundee (Mummy won this in a raffle!) It was very relaxing and a bit strange not having Euan with us. Euan had gone to stay with his cousins and had a great time. Watching Auntie Rosemary's bread maker in action had been particularly fascinating for him. It had also been cousin Angus's 18th birthday on the 13th - but sadly no cake left for Euan to have, however he did manage to obtain the 'golden snitch' left over from the cake decorations!
Mid February meant that school was closed for a mid term break. Mummy and Euan made the most of this time off, managing to fit in a trip to the swimming pool, a visit to Karen (childminder) and a check-up at the dentist! .

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A little bit of excitement this month, Euan fell over at school and bumped his head. This resulted in a call to Dad to go and have a look. Euan came home an hour early and had a quiet afternoon watching Cbeebies. He was fine by the next day, just an impressive couple of bumps.
We took Mummy out to lunch for Mother's day. A pleasant run to Dundee and a pleasant lunch.
Wendy had a week off work to use up some of her annual leave and got on with some gardening despite the snowy weather. Snow was a theme for March with us waking up to a covering on several days.
Euan is doing well at swimming, with an assessment this month. He has only a couple of points to improve in order to move up a class.
For World Book Day Euan went to school dressed as a knight. A terrific costume designed by Mummy.
Mummy went to a parents night for Euan and he is doing very well. He needs to focus on what he is doing, not what others are doing, but we could have told them that.
At school there was an Eco week, all about recycling. Mummy and Euan won the competition and we have a voucher towards a meal out.
We finished the month by going camping in Belford. Mummy's friends from Leeds were meant to come and join us but they were put off by the cold weather, a wise decision! We survived, eating lots, and visiting lots of places, including taking Auntie Gillian to Conundrum for lunch. On the way home we called in to see Rosie in her new house.

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Wow what a busy month April has been
Once we got back from our camping trip Euan was still on his school hloidays and so he went to Karens for a few days. What a marvellous time he appears to have had, Playing on the Wii and trips to Kids World!
The following week he went, with Mummy, to visit Shetland Granny. We had lovely sunny weather for most of the week but it was a little cold. We still managed trips to Jarlshof, Sumburgh Head and Lerwick. We were even on the beach, but well wrapped up!! Granny kept Euan busy with little jobs to do and he was absolutely delighted to be paid for doing them!!
Whilst they were away Grandad Pedro arrived back in UK, so Daddy had to deliver the car to him followed by an overnight trip on the bus, getting home just in time to get in the other car and drive to Aberdeen to collect Euan, and Mummy, of course!
The following weekend, after swimming, Euan and Mummy went to a puppet show at Perth Museum and even got a look at a real mummy. A really entertaining and fascinating afternoon.
Sunday meant lunch out at the Wheel Inn, Scone followed by a trip to the farm to visit the Links Market. Neither Euan or Mummy were particularly impressed with the ghost train but the waltzers and dodgems were a different matter entirely!
As if that was not enough we then had a very relaxing weekend at the Pitlochry Hydro hotel where we met up with Peter, Flor and Gillian. This was a great treat, especially the swimming pool and jacuzzi!! Euan loved having staff fussing over him - I think the staff quite enjoyed having a guest who was not pension age too!! We were a little late getting Euan back to school on the Monday but it was OK!

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May started with a Bank Holiday Monday but Mummy was at Euan was Daddy's computer repair apprentice for the day. He did quite well and charmed the customers!
The weather has been a bit cool but we have managed to get the vegetable planted in the garden. Euan is quite enthusiastic about watering them - hope they don't drown!
We had a little trip out to Aberfeldy one Saturday afternoon to the Cycle Fest, just to see what bicycles are suitable for Euan as he has almost outgrown his current bike. We are hoping it will survive the summer!
Daddy headed south to retrieve the Suzuki, from Grandad before he flew back to Thailand. Euan and Mummy had hoped to get up to some interesting things whilst 'home alone' but the weather conspired against us and we spent out time watching Madaggascar 3 on the 'gadget' and making Viennese Whirls our days were not entirely wasted.
Euan's lucky streak continues - his latest prize is a pair of cinema tickets - We are going to try getting him to choose some lottery numbers next!!
Towards the end of the month, the weather improved a little and we had a lovely day out in the Angus Glens. We managed to walk all the way to Corrie Fee (Euan cycled most of the way), for a picnic lunch. We were quite hungry with all the exercise!!
May ended with the bodywork of Daddy's car being re-arranged a little as Mummy drove it home from work...thanks to a plumbers van running into the back of it! Apart from being a bit shaken by the experience and a little achey for a few days afterwards Mummy was ok. Sadly the car wasn't...

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June has seen us away camping - twice. The first weekend we went to Ardgulich Farm using the courtesy car, the Nissan Juke. It was a strange vehicle, lots of gadgets but poor handling. Daddy also managed a little bump in it. He stalled it at a roundabout and somebody drove into the back, no damage, fortunately.
We came back to Perth on the Saturday morning to go swimming and visit the Bugs Bees and Aliens exhibition at the museum. There was also a live python that Euan was quite happy to hold.
The following weekend was open farm Sunday so we visited the James Hutton institute and Scotherbs. Lots of activities for Euan to try and good food.
For Fathers day Euan and Wendy took Daddy to the pub for lunch, very scrummy.
Euan took part in school sports day, watched by Daddy, could have been a bit warmer for the spectators.
As a treat the school went to Edinburgh zoo, a grand day out, and Euan got to hold another python.
Errol Gala survived the weather. A good Saturday afternoon in the park.
Mummy and Euan took a visit to the farm to see all the visitors that were there and get lots of praise for Euan's first school report. He did very well in all subjects.
Euan is now on his holidays having completed his first year at school. We celebrated this by go camping on the Isle of Skye. A few midges on the Friday night but they got blown away by the wind and rain on Saturday. The new car was well packed as we don't have a roof rack or towbar for it, yet.
And finally, the garden is doing well. Lots of vegetables planted and growing well. Euan collected some seeds from the open farm day and they are planted as well.

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July sees Euan in full holiday mode. Two weeks with Karen and two weeks at Errol childrens club. He visited Sensations, the science centre in Dundee, twice. Has been to the wildlife park at Camperdown and walked out to the Fruit Shack. There was also a visit to Cairn O' Mohr winerey where the apple juice was greatly enjoyed.
Euan and Mummy have been out and about exploring on Fridays and have been to Muddy Boots, a farm play park in Fife. They have pig racing and Euan's pig won so he got a badge for free entry for his next visit. Other places they visited included swimming, Tescos for the shopping and Camperdown.
At the weekends all three of us have been for walks and cycle rides around Errol including a visit to the Fruit shack, only half the punnet of strawberries survived the journey home. Daddy has been kept busy reparing stuff including Euan's bike and several computers.
The month finished with a visit to Cornwall. See pictures.
We arrived safely at Newquay airport and were soon tucking into Cornish Pasties for lunch. Later in the day Euan and Uncle Richard went off in the Morgan to Newlyn for an ice cream, whilst Auntie Margaret and Mummy went to Tesco for tea!
It was a little damp so it was an ideal day to go to the Ships & Castles Leisure Centre in Falmouth for a swim. We all had great fun in the waves, river rapids and down the flumes.
Euan and Mummy went off on the train to Truro to meet Colette. We enjoyed an nice wander round the town and yet another pastie for lunch! In the evening we had an excursion to St Ives ...once the torrential rain had stopped it was safe to venture out for a delicious Moomaid Ice cream.
Uncle Richard dropped us off in Falmouth. We had a fantastic time at the martime museum. Euan made a pirate hat and enjoyed dressing up in the pirate clothes to have his photo taken. We had a delicious lunch at Rick Steins restaurant. Euans scampi was gone in seconds and Mummys Cod Curry was really tasty!.
Off to the Seal Sanctuary at Gweek with Auntie Margaret. Lots to see and Euan enjoyed taking part in the hand-on rock pool exhibit as well as meeting Peso the Penguin from the Octonauts TV programme.
A slightly drier trip to St Ives. Euan and Mummy took a boat trip to Seal Island which was good fun. Later in the day, we pedalled off to the farm shop for a cream tea ...lovely but I'm not sure we burned off all the calories it contained.
The weather was at it best so a walk/cycle to Mousehole was undertaken. Euan managed the trip very well and we had a lovely lunch and yet another ice cream just to keep us going! In the evening Euan was delighted to see a fox in the garden.
Our last day on holiday. We had a trip to Helston Farmers Market - there were lots of lovely things to taste - Euan particularly enjoyed this!! A final pastie for lunch before it was time to head back to Newquay.

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Euan and Wendy returned from Cornwall so Mummy could go back to work. That meant Daddy and Euan could get up to mischief!
We started our week of fun by delivering the (new) Skoda to have a towbar fitted and then having breakfast in a cafe before getting the bus home. We had to change buses in Dundee and whilst waiting we went to Hawkins Bazaar to buy a Finger Chopper! Later we used the little black car to collect Mummy and retrieved the Skoda.
Next day Euan showed Daddy around the Muddy Boots farm park, which was great fun, unfortunately this time his racing pig did not win.
Wednesday and Euan and Daddy went swimming in Perth before going camping for the night at Aberfoyle. We walked / cycled into Aberfoyle for dinner along a disused railway line that has been converted into an excellent foot / cycle path.
On Friday Mummy and Euan went shopping whilst Daddy loaded up the car, and trailer, in order to go camping for the weekend. The venue this time was Sandend, beside Banff. A very good site, right on the beach. Euan and Daddy messed about in the small surf and Euan got his first taste of the North Sea - too salty, was the verdict. Since Daddy didn't have to start work until Monday night, we stayed at Sandend until Monday morning. A very slick departure from the site allowed to stop in Peterculter for breakfast before getting home about midday. A quick unload of the car and Daddy went for a snooze whilst Mummy and Euan did the shopping.
The following Saturday was taken up by Daddy and Euan shopping for Mummy's birthday. We did OK.
Daddy took himself off windsurfing on the Sunday morning, good sail, first in two years!
We celebrated Mummy's birthday at the weekend by going to Rattray's, the village pub / restraunt for dinner, very nice and we got a little bottle of fizzy wine as a gift. We diluted some sloe gin with the fizz on the Sunday afternoon as a pre dinner cocktail!
Euan is back at school, now in P2, and enjoying it. He still has Miss Cameron as his teacher. He now goes swimming on a Wednesday evening. Mummy and Daddy do a handover at the swimming pool. Also he has a new bike! Mummy spotted the bike on her work intranet. Daddy collected it and spent an afternoon maintaining it before Euan got to try it. The Bank holiday meant Daddy got a night off and so he took Euan out for a ride on his new bike.
The month ended with Errol show. Mummy and Euan entered several categories resulting in several prizes! Euan got a second for his chocolate crispy cakes. Wendy got a first for her sultana cake. Second for her Clootie dumpling, crusty loaf, dressed doll and choclate chip muffins. Nothing for the quiche which despite serving 6 according to the recipe we demolished it for dinner.

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September has been a fairly busy month for us all.
It started with Daddy removing the front door and repainting it. He still hasn't put the number back on yet!
Euan is enjoying being back at school and Primary 2 seems to be keeping him occupied. This terms topic is 'Hot and Cold' so he is enthusiastically finding out about the Poles and deserts!
We all entered items for the Dundee Flower and Food Festival. Euan and Daddy both won prizes but Mummy was unsuccessful. However we did have a very enjoyable afternoon wandering round looking at all of the stalls.
Euan has now started rugby training on Sunday mornings. He was a little unsure at first but his skills are now improving. He's usually exhausted by Sunday night, especially if he has managed to go for a bike ride in the afternoon.
In the middle of September Euan and Mummy were in court - don't panic!! This was part of the 'Doors Open' weekend. We had a fascinating tour of Perth Sheriff Court (including the cells!), a look round the Fair Maids House and a little wander inside St Johns Church. All very interesting.
We helped a local photographer build his portfolio by posing for pictures in Errol Par. More details and pictures to follow.
Euan and Mummy finished off the month with a visit to the farm for the Harvest Dance. A really good evening, plently of food (mainly consumed by Euan), some dancing and a raffle (thank goodness we won something or a small boy may have complained!)

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Of course we celebrated our wedding anniversary, 14 years! Closely followed by Daddy's birthday.
Well we enjoyed our holiday on Arran, see here for more details.
Euan and Wendy the went to Aberdeen for the day with Shetland Granny, Uncle Brodie and Auntie Margaret. Later that week they took Shetland Granny to Berwick to visit Gillian.
Back to school! Euan is enjoying school and has moved to the green table. We are now meeting at the front gate as the park is a bit wet to walk across. Euan went out trick or treating, briefly, this year.

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Birthday Month!! Woo Hoo Euan is now 6! He had a lovely birthday with lots of lovely cards and presents. Mummy baked a 'pigs in mud cake' and Auntie Rosemary and Uncle Brodie came to have birthday tea with us.
At the beginning of the month Mummy and Euan travelled down to Cardenden to watch the village fireworks display. We had a lovely curry cooked by Helen and watched the display from the porch. Euan and Oliver had great fun playing together and were less excited by the fireworks than the adults!!
Euan had a visit to the dentist this month to have some flouride varnish applied to his teeth - it rendered him speechless for a whole hour.... On the tooth front, Euan has lost his first baby tooth and the tooth fairy was summoned!
Euan attended the Errol Show AGM to claim his prize money - a whole 20p!!
Mummy went along to the school for parents night. Euan continues to do very well and is a keen learner - long may that continue.
Mummy was busy this month with baking for the church Christmas Fayre. Euan came along and helped on the stall and even joined the choir for some carol singing.

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December was a really busy month for us all with lots of festive activities.
Euan and Mummy helped out on the Childrens Club stall at the school fayre. Euan was delighted to help by encouraging people to guess the rag dolls name and choose a lucky square on the nativity picture. The stall was very successful and made over £300! The school carol service was on the evening of the 11th. It was a lovely evening with the whole school performing in the church. Euan also went to see Cinderella at Perth Theatre with the school, whilst Mummy went to see Dick Whittington being performed in Dundee...Oh no she didn't!....Oh yes she did!!!
Our little bit of culture for December was going to see the Royal Scottish National Orchestra at the Caird Hall in Dundee for their Christmas concert. Mummy had won tickets for this and it was well worth going to see!
Daddy and Euan popped down to Berwickto see Auntie Gillian before Christmas. They all enjoyed their lunch out. Euan can still manage to eat lots despite now having 3 teeth missing!
We must have all been good this year as Santa visited on the 25th and left lots of lovely gifts. We had a lovely relaxed Christmas Day but managed to pop down to the farm to visit and wish them all Merry Christmas! We're glad that we managed out for a lovely walk on Boxing Day as the weather since then has been really wet and windy but we haven't needed to get the canoes out yet! We saw the New Year in down at Cardenden - a great evening was had in the kirk hall and Euan was still going strong at 2.00am....

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