The great October get away

Saturday - The journey

Not too bad a journey, just shy of 5 hours door to door. A wee stop at Tesco's Carlisle kept everyone comfortable. Euan thinks the cottage is great. Within an hour he had unpacked and got his bedroom sorted.
The WiFi works, if a little slow. The pub really is only 2 minutes walk away. We have found it but not been in yet.


Awoke to a misty damp day despite a sunny forecast, will see what develops. Planning to spend the day messing about on trains.
17:00hrs and we are in the pub, writing this. We have had an exciting and interesting day having been on four different diesel loco's, a minature train and two vintage buses. One of the loco's was pulling a guards van, with a wood burning stove inside, a chance to get warm before the fog lifted. Eventually the sun came out and it was very pleasant in the sunshine.
Right that's all for now as we are going home to dinner which is in the slow cook pot, lovingly prepared by mummy this morning.


Exciting trip into Skipton involving a rally stage across the hills, Mummy was not impressed, Euan thought it very funny. Once in Skipton we had a wander around, cup of coffee and some crumpets. We found the pie shop - "I'm not going in there" said Euan - then "can I have one of those and one of them and so on." We then took a relaxing canal boat trip, entertaining an Australian family also on the boat.
After the canal trip we found Tesco's, well sort of, we parked in Morrisons car park and walked through.
We returned to the cottage for a late lunch and got the fire lit before going to the pub to write this. Not the same pub as yesterday mind, we have had to walk further.


We started the day with a walk up the footpath directly behind the cottage. We made it to the top of the hill but returned the same route as the low cloud was looking menacing, it did rain later and kept raining.
We had a buffet lunch before heading off to Stump Cross Caverns - "Magical" said Euan "and a bit damp". After this we popped across to Brimham Rocks - "Unusual rocks" thought Euan. We then headed into Pateley Bridge for a warm up around a cup of tea, a slice of victoria sponge, a piece of flapjack and a piece of cherry and almond tart.
The musuem was fascinating thought Daddy, Euan agreed and Mummy "full of old stuff!" A quick visit to see Dave was followed by a visit to Ollie's pizzeria. "The pizzas were great" said Euan.
We then returned to the holiday cottage and got this written up.

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Bit later tonight getting the daily report written as we have been to the pub for dinner - which pub? Find out later.
Last night we suffered technology failure - Wendy's tablet expired. It may recoverable, John spent an hour or so this morning researching recovery methods. Eventually Mummy and Euan got bored and Daddy had to take them out for ice cream at Billy Bob's Parlour. An American style ice cream parlour with an exotic range of flavours. Euan, connoisseur of sorbet, had a lemon sorbet. Mummy had key lime pie and Daddy had licquorice & blackcurrant.
Then we all went to Skipton, Daddy failed to buy any swimming trunks so Euan had to wait for Mummy to take him in the pool. Waiting for her to stop talking to Burkitt, who she has not seen for 22 years! After the swim we went back to the town centre, missed the butchers, so it will be toast only for breakfast and then met with Colette & Laura for dinner. We met in the Devonshire Inn, the Wetherspoons pub in Skipton.
We returned to the cottage, played a couple rounds of the Angry Birds card game and Euan is now fast asleep, in bed.


The big day out, after a fine breakfast fo eggy bread, we decided to go to the National Media museum in Bradford, by train, just to save Daddy driving. The journey there was fine, but the journey back was not quite as smooth due to a broken down bus in Market st, the centre of Bradford. This delay cost us an extra 55p to travel at peak times!
"Fun" said Euan, "amazing" thought Daddy. Mummy was reminded of some of the TV show she saw as a child. Euan recognised three TV shows, Bagpuss, Postman Pat & Bob the Builder.
We went to the imax cinema to see "Born to be wild" a documentary about elephants and orang utans. After some initial shocks Euan thought it was very good, especially when the ball almost hit him.
A quick drive across the moor saw us do a quick turn around at the cottage and then out to the pub for dinner. We were too early, so we had to write this before dinner which is just as well because if we have too many beers, who knows what Daddy's typing would be like.

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In the pub, again, well hotel actually. The Cobbled Yard, Berwick upon Tweed, visiting Auntie Gillian.
After a busy start to the day packing up to leave the holiday cottage we slowly trundled up the roadwork strewn A1. We stopped to see Steve for a coffee and bite of lunch. We then popped into Belford before continuing to Berwick. We checked in to the hotel and then took a walk round the walls before dinner.

The year so far.

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