New Layout

The rebuilt layout
baseboard : The new baseboard, a bit thicker this time. lefthandview : Track added, Loco sidings and Y centreview : Lots of points to manage. righthandview : Plenty of sidings
fromrhs : View from right hand end fromlhs : View from other end. withtrains : With the Locomotives in their siding. andcontroller : Centre view with power to the controller.
sidings : Trains in the sidings overallview : Makes it look huge from this angle. otherend : and from the other end. Locos parked  Loco storage and the wye.  Starting to get points motors in place and wired up.
The main view  Blue foam to represent platforms, will replace, eventually. New sidings  Sidings full of carriages. Note slight change of layout to sidings and track. LH end with added wires  Getting points motors wired up. crib sheet  The little huts will hide some of the wiring.
full sidings  A few more carriages have appeared. track level view  Looking good. Control centre  Raspberry Pi, CDU, relays and switches all combine to control the various points around the track. Updated controls  wires at left hand end are from switches hidden around track.
wired up wye  The wye is wired up and working.  There is a switch in the buffer stop and under decoupler. control box  Control box gives power, via a relay, to isolated wye track and then opens points. with landscapes  Euan has been drawing pictures for the background, looks good. more subtle changes  Note the new loco - Orange and black LoadHaul.  Also note subtle changes to layout of sidings.  Still a work in progress.