The year so far...
Treeclimbing  Tree climbing on New years day. Headless  National Museum outing Birthday  Gillians Birthday cute  Trying to look cute.....
moody  Perth light show skoda  How to drive a Skoda...... : Grant rally ooops  Stuck in the mud : Grant rally smart  Wouldn't want this pair flying my plane.
kitted out  Treezone visit : Grant rally start  Setting off : Grant rally relaxed  Very relaxed : Grant rally smile  and smiling for the camera : Grant rally
Lambies 008  Sorry about the red eye.... : Lambies Lambies 011  feeding time. : Lambies ready  Looking good in his Mum's canoeing kit. missed  well avoided
rapid  We walked round this one ducks  and the obligatory wildlife shot.... sailing 015  First go at sailing, on Loch Morlich. : sailing Orkney 2017 my phone 007  Museum of flight visit,  getting braver. : Orkney 2017 my phone
Orkney 2017 my phone 046  Lunch in Kirkwall. : Orkney 2017 my phone Orkney 2017 129  Aaaah - Tomb o fthe eagles, Orkney. : Orkney 2017 Orkney 2017 my phone 057  Quick stop on way home from Orkney. : Orkney 2017 my phone Wendy 50 011  Goodness knows what he just said........ : Wendy 50
20170917 130319  Perth Doors Open day.  Build a tower competition out of spaghetti & marsmallows. 20170924 113802  A muddy rugby player.