Euan's third year!

January 2010

Happy New Year! We were in Belford for a snowy start to 2010, but managed to dig our way out and make it back to Errol safely.The snowman in our garden survived for a few weeks in the chilly start to the year
Despite the cold weather, Euan has enjoyed getting out and about..especially if he could have his wellies on to splash about in the puddles!
Euan has been learning about the Chinese New Year with his childminder, Karen. He knows that he was born in the year of the pig. (by the way, Mummy is a goat and Daddy is a rabbit!)
We had an entertaining journey home one evening when the bus broke down.....Euan has told everyone that the bus was "falling to pieces"!


Thankfully February was a bit less snowy than January so we managed a trip across to Glasgow at the start of the month. Mummy had won tickets to the Caravan and Outdoor Show so we had a family outing to the SECC. Euan had great fun exploring all the cupboards in the caravan and camper vans although he was a little perplex by the bowl of plastic fruit in one of them. I think we'll all have to save our pocket money if we want to by a new campervan.
Euan now has a full set of teeth and is still eating as well as ever. Blueberries and strawberries are definate favourites but he has discovered 'chocolate buttons'in the little corner shop in Errol....a weekend treat after he has been to the play park.
We managed a trip down to Belford to see Granny, Jack and Gillian - and it was snowy there! Euan was delighted to get out into the garden with his shovel to have another go at constructing a snowman. We're hoping that might be the last one for this year.


March was a fairly quiet month as the weather was still a bit cold for being out and about.
The theme at nursery this month was farm animals so Euan enjoyed taking in a different sheep from Mummy's collection each week.
Mummy's friend, Rosie came to stay for a day - Euan enjoyed her company and was intrigued by the sofa turning into a bed for her to sleep on!!
Euan and Mummy went down to Belford for a few days at the end of the month. We enjoyed seeing everyone down there and being able to play in the Garden at Grannies.


Yet another busy month! The Easter bunny brought Euan a few eggs which he kindly shared with Mummy and Daddy. We had a visit from Autie Margaret and Uncle Richard on Easter Monday. Euan took them to the local park where they tried out the zipwire. Uncle Richard's descent was entertaining for the spectators!
Now that the weather has been better, Euan has been outside more helping Daddy prepare the ground for the patio. He has been quite keen to help with the digging and watering of the garden, see the photo.
When the weather hasn't been so good, Euan has helped Mummy indoors with the housework. He is quite enthusiastic about vacuuming, emptying the washing machine and cleaning the licking it!!
As ever, Euan continues to eat well, and if his food is too hot, he 'fans it with his bunnet!'...think Daddy has something to do with teaching him this phrase!

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We decided to have a little break at the beginning of May so we all went to Aberfeldy with the caravan. Euan enjoyed having his own bunk to sleep in. We found a superb adventure playground where everyone had great fun ...I think Daddy enjoyed it most!
At home, the paving for the patio has been completed so Euan has been having great fun playing with a minisand pit on it. We have also planted some vegetable in the raised beds Daddy has constructed, with Euans assistance, so we await with interest to see if anything will grow.
We popped into the farm one Sunday to see everyone. Euan was keen to lend a hand with feeding the lambs - they can drink milk almost as fast as he can!!

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June was a fairly busy month as Mum and Euan had a visit to see Granny in Shetland planned. We flew up to Sumburgh from Aberdeen (having paid a flying visit to see Uncle John and Auntie Jennifer enroute). Euan had great fun in Shetland and the weather was very kind to us. Euan enthusiastically helped Granny water her garden. He enjoyed seeing the puffins at Sumburgh but was very concerned about the dead rabbit on the road outside Grannies. We managed a trip up to Unst and had a lovely time on the beach at Norwick - we even saw an otter when we were waiting for the ferry at Toft. See the photos
All the fresh air and food on holiday seems to have made Euan grow quite a bit recently. He now weighs 2 stone 5 pounds, (15kg) and is 3 foot, (92cm) tall.
Euan went to visit the scarecrows at Longforgan with Karen, his childminder. He was still a little unsure of them but was at least willing to have his photograph taken with them this year. Euan had an extra day with Karen when she was having her Care Commission Inspection. Euan was by all accounts an absolute star was Karen ..who received an excellent report.

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It's official, Euan is too big for the cot. He can comfortably climb out and open his bedroom door! Daddy has 'taken it to pieces' and Euan is quite happy with it being a bed....still doesn't go to be any earlier though!
Granny and Auntie Gillian came to stay and look after Euan while our childminder, Karen had her summer holidays. Euan had fun showing them the highlights of Errol (park, chocolate button shop etc). I think everyone was exhausted by the end of the week. We also had a couple of surprise visitors in July too - Grandad and Flora, home from Thailand, visited and stayed in the house whilst we went to Grantown-on-Spey for a couple of days.
Euan enjoyed his holiday and was quite delighted to feed and meet the Cairngorm reindeer. We also went on the Strathspey Steam Railway, were rescued by a diesel, and treated ourselves to afternoon tea which was a lovely treat. Daddy even managed to do a little canoe trip on the Spey.
We are now starting to harvest the vegetables in the garden - it has been lovely having homegrown new potatoes, courgettes, peas and carrots. Hopefully the blueberries will be ripe soon although I think Euan might strip the bushes before anyone else has a taste!!

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Euans major achievement in August was toilet training!! The first few days were a 'wee' bit soggy but he soon got the hang of things and is delighted to be wearing his colourful knickers. The washing machine is also enjoying its '3 day week'now too!
Mummy and Euan had a day out at Perth Show (he managed to stay awake for it this year!) We loved seeing the 'hairy horny cows'. Euan was a little upset when a balloon he had been given flew up into the sky, but we soon scrounged another one from a stall!.
For Mummys birthday we had a little trip on the Bo'ness steam railway.
It was Errol Show at the end of the month and Mummy won first prize for her clootie dumpling for the third consecutive year ...she was quite chuffed!
All the good weather we have had means that Daddys vegetable patch has been flourishing. The tatties have been a definate success and the courgette plants are definately productive, however Euan has been more enthusiastic about finding ripe blueberries on the bushes!

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September started with a visit to the Dundee Food and Flower Festival at Camperdown Park. It was a lovely day and we enjoyed going round the food hall sampling lots of goodies. Euan had entered a couple of things for the childrens competition (courtesy of childminder Karen). The judges were impressed and he won first prize for both his worm and paper plate beetle.
As the summer was drawing to a close, it was time to harvest the potatoes in the garden. Daddy was very impressed with the crop and Euan was happy to transport them in his wheelbarrow. The courgette plants continue to flourish....and Daddy is happy to eat chocolate courgette cake!!
Mummy and Euan made the most of a sunny Sunday afternoon to go and gather some blackberries. There were quite a few eaten en-route but enough left for a scrummy bramble and apple crumble for tea. It was quite a long walk and Euan told me he was 'knackered' as we walked up the hill on the way home!!
Euan is enjoying being in his new room (Daisies Discoverers) at nursery. He is in the red group and is delighted when it is his turn to be one of the 'helpers'.

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Ooops Daddy has managed to loose the original for this month. Not a lot happened, probably celebrated Daddys birthday.

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A cold and dark start to the month with the clocks going back. Euan has been very grateful for the knitted hats Auntie Margaret has sent. Our first outing in November was down to Belford on the 5th. Daddy went off to Hexham to take part in the Tyne Tour Canoe event. Mummy and Euan stayed behind so that they could go the the fireworks display at the village cross. Euan wasn't too keen on the 'popping' fireworks so we retreated to the Blue Bell Hotel Lounge for a drink with Mummy's friend Linda. Euan was quite happy with this arrangement, and quite enjoyed a little turn on the tea cup fairground ride outside.
Euan went to see the Singing Kettle Christmas Show with Karen, his childminder. Although he wasn't too keen on the theatre at first, he was soon swinging his santa hat and singing along with the others. We've been treated to a rendition of Jingle Bells a few time since.
Euan had fun on his 3rd birthday - celebrating with a little party at Karens house. Mummy made a pirate cake for a little get together on the following Sunday. Unfortunately, adverse weather conditions (lots of snow!!) meant no-one was able to we've just had to eat our way the cake ourselves!!
We've had a little fun in the snow - sledging on a plastic bag in the park - for a little while before we got too cold.

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Well, the main theme for December was snow...lots of it!! Euan wasn't too keen on the very cold weather - thank goodness for all of the woolly hats knitted by Auntie Margaret and for the Pussy Cat hat and paw mittens Kate gave him for his birthday.
Despite the awful weather, Santa managed to put in an appearance at all of Euan's Christmas parties. Euan even had his own Santa suit, courtesy of Karen, which he deigned to wear for a little while.
Mummy and Daddy both received the results of their open University courses in December...both very pleased to have passed.
We must all have been good this year, as Santa came and left presents for Christmas Day. Euan is still a little perplexed by the whole Christmas thing!. After opening the gifts, we popped down to the farm to deliver their presents. It was lovely to see everyone, especially Kate, down from Aberdeen for a few days. Euan had great fun helping to pull the enormous crackers there. We then popped back home for Daddy to cook Christmas lunch - venison - very tasty!!. On Boxing Day we set of for Belford Grannies house to do the second round of present opening - again great fun was had by everyone!!

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