Date of Birth Sunday 25th November 2007

Monday - bit of a blur!

Mother and baby doing fine. Dad looking after the cat and keeping people informed.


Baby had rough night, not quite got the hang of feeding. Concern about possible infection so canula put in for antibiotics - ouch. Euan slept well for most of the day. Wendy took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep. Dad still looking after cat.

Wednesday & an input from Wendy

Euan is getting in practice at drinking pints, like his dad. He is happier to have someone else pour the stuff down his neck than do any work for it. This is not in the game plan and he will have to learn to do some work. Good feed in afternoon - he's learning. Despite still being on antibiotics he is looking well and sleeps peacefully
From John - as you may have noticed I have improved the photo viewing - there are a couple of new photos today.


Bit of an up & down day especially on the feeding front but we finished on a positive note. Euan had a good 50 minute feed with minimal intervention from a midwife to get started. Result - happy baby = happy mum and a relieved dad. No new photos today!


Euan fed well overnight with minimal or no assistance. Wendy now on Wafarin but this means she will still be Ninewells until Sunday whilst the correct doseage is established. Slightly peeved dad at not having wife and son home but as Wendy says it is a bit easier than all of us going backwards and forwards to hospital. Wendy has been moved into a room of her own and now has a tv &, en suite bathroom. Ooops still no more photos, we missed out on a good one of dad feeding mum whilst mum feeding baby!


Steady day. Feeding well. At last a family snapshot has been added to the album. Wendy will probably still be in until Monday morning, will keep you posted.

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Sunday 2nd Dec.

Last Sunday seems such along time ago. Another good night, he seems to have got the hang of this feeding lark, at last. Wendy should be released tomorrow. A good day, regular feeds and amazing nappy contents, dealt with by dad. Mum puts it in , dad cleans it out, what teamwork. Another photo added.

Monday 3rd Dec.

Home at last! Eventually we all got home about 5:30 this afternoon.

Tuesday 4th

We survived the first night at home phew. Didn't get much written up for yesterday as it was a whole new experience being at home with Euan. The midwife visited today and was quite happy with all parties. We had a quiet day and attempted a bath for Euan, not too bad, not too much fuss.

Wednesday 5th

ooh err I had to go back to work today and leave mum and baby to fend for themselves. They were fine, mum had even managed to peel the spuds for dinner.

Thursday 6th

Yippee, they managed another day at home together. Apparently Euan has been a bottomless pit today with Wendy feeding 1/2 hour on 1/2 hour off! The cat is still here, he hasn't left home in disgust, yet. He is not impressed by the noise at times.

Friday 7th

Another busy day eating. Dad officially registered the little one and went shopping for food for all. Later dad looked after both the cat and Euan, see photo.

Saturday 8th

First outing, only around the vilage but mum needed a map because it's so long since she was last out.

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Sunday 9th Dec.

Two weeks old! We are getting the hang of running around pampering to his every whim and grabbing the odd snack here & there. Seriously we are getting on well with feeding, changing, bathing etc. Will now move to weekly updates rather than daily.

Week ending Sunday 16th Dec.

Wendy has been out with the pram, without "l" plates this time. Euan has been weighed again, 8lb 11oz this time. Two outings this weekend, first to the farm and then to Belford where they will stay for a few days whilst the heating is installed.

Week ending Sunday 23rd Dec.

Euan and wendy decamped to Belford for a few days to stay with Granny Maureen. Back in Errol, John and the cat huddled together in a sleeping bag beside a candle to keep warm whilst the new heating system was installed. Euan made a guest appearance at the Belford Medical practice Christmas lunch.

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Week ending Sunday 30th Dec.

This hectic week started with the Xmas service at Auchterderran Parish Church. Euan managed to sleep through the whole thing - we were tempted to swap him with the doll in the manger to see if anyone noticed. Christmas day was quite subdued at home with mum & dad managing their lunch whilst Euan slept. Later in the day we all travelled down to the farm to see everyone there Shetland Granny, Auntie Margaret & Uncle Richard, Cornish cousins Helen & Sarah as well as the usual residents. Euan took this family gathering in his stride even when every camera in the room was flashing at him.
Boxing day saw us travel back down to Belford for the traditional leftover turkey and chips. Auntie Gillian was delighted to have a cuddle with Euan. We popped back into the farm farm on the way North to see Auntie Jennifer & Uncle John who had travelled down from Aberdeenshire.

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