March 2018

March started with Euan generously giving us all his cold germs and ended with a family camping trip.
The poor weather continued into March, but school was eventually reopened on the first Monday in March. Daddy and Euan were part of the squad who cleared snow from the playground in preparation for this. As a consequence of the poor weather, rugby training has been restricted to one Sunday session. He'll have forgotten how to play by the time there's a match!
Euan took his Cub Scout priomise this month and is now the proud owner of a necker and woggle!
A slightly delayed Parent's night took place in the middle of the month. As usual, Euan is doing well, although he isn't keen on maths - his parents can relate to this.
Mummy was geared up to taking part in the first ever Errol 10km run - unfortunately this was also postponed due to adverse weather conditions so Mummy has a few more months in which to train for it now!
Euan took part in the 'Adventures of Superstan', the scool play. His part as a reporter didn't involve any lines but his miming of taking photographs was excellent. Auntie Rosemary and Uncle Brodie came up to see the performance. We all enjoyed the subtle humour!
We headed up to Comrie at the end of the month to try out our new tent. We are all very impressed with it and were very grateful to Daddy for packing the heater. It was a bit chilly... Brrr!!

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