July and August

We're not quite sure where the summer holidays went so the update for July and August have been combined!
Euan started off his summer holidays with a impromtu sleepover at a friends house. He was very excited by this - Mummy and Daddy relished the peace and quiet at home! For the first three weeks of the school holidays, Errol went to the Errol Childrens Club. His favourite activity was the cafe, where he was able to use his charm on real customers!
At the weekends in July, the tent came out and a couple of camping trips took place. The first of these was just Daddy and Euan up near Aviemore, when Euan tried sailing for the first time. Good fun was had! The second camping trip was a family affair in Comrie. A lovely little campsite - despite the rain. We managed a reasonable bike ride (although I dispute the description of 'easy'), taking in the sights of Cultybraggan camp and the Earthquake House en route.
The fourth week marked the start of Mummy's holidays. After arriving back from Comrie, we popped into Perth to meet Mummy's friend Margaret for a picnic in the park. It was quite sunny and we all ended up quite pink! On Tuesday we travelled into Dundee to meet up with Auntie Jennifer. We had a lovely time looking round the Verdant Mill museum with her. Wednesday was another damp day, but Mummy and Euan braved the weather and headed to the Engine Shed in Stirling to discover more about Scottish buildings and the materials used to construct them, Euan tried his hand at some stone masonary - it was hard work. On the Friday, Rosie came up from Edinburgh for a visit. After a leisurely wander round the shops, Euan insisted that we went to Duo, his favourite pizza restaurant for lunch. Very tasty!
At the end of the month we headed off to Orkney for a week in the Slap! As you can see from the seperate 'Orkney Diaries' page, we had an absolute ball!
Very sadly on the 11th August, Grandad Pedro passed away after a short illness. We will miss our Sunday morning chats on Skype.
On the 20th August, Mummy celebrated her half century. Any plans to allow this to pass quietly were thwarted by friends, family and work colleagues being involved in a surprise ceilidh. After the initial shock, Mummy recovered and had a wonderful evening! The cards, good wishes and wonderful gifts was quite overwhelming - so a huge thanks to everyone involved!
Euan is back at school and now in Primary 6. His teacher this year is Ms Harrison. Euan likes her because she keeps the class from making too much noise. Euan is also delighted that his friend Shan is now at Errol Primary.
The last Saturday of August saw Errol Village Show take place. Euan was delighted to win first prize for his chocolate muffins. They were very tasty. Mummy also had success, winning a cup for the hand knitted socks and a silver salver for the most point in the bakery section. Needless to say, the clootie dumpling triumphed again but we are still eating our way through the rest of the entries.....

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