February 2019

Despite being a short month February has been pretty busy. It's also had some really frosty days... -8 some mornings and also really mild,,,15 degrees on the 27th!! Maybe the snow will arrive in March?!
The month started with an overnight run to Berwick to take Auntie Gillian out for dinner for her birthday. A new restraunt was tried, very good.
The big event this month was The Great Bowhill Birthday Bash to celebrate the significant birthdays happening this year - a 95th, two 50th, a 40th and a 30th! It was lovely to see all the family and enjoy Brodie and Rosemary's wonderful hospitality. Mummy made a malteser cheescake for this event - it was a big hit!!
The other big event this month was the new kitchen!! Daddy and Euan did the sensible thing and went away for a couple of days whilst this happened. Meanwhile, Mummy survived with a kettle and microwave in the corner of the lounge. However, it was worthwhile as the new kitchen is looking fab!
The Bothy trip was great although I wasn't sure we were going to make it against the wind on the way over!! We made it and established ourselves in a busy bothy, got the fire lit, dinner cooked and then relaxed. The pizza's for lunch had mixed results but notes have been taken for the next time. Lots of photos were taken and I will try and get a slide show sorted.
Euan is continuing to really enjoy going to scouts. Activities this month included air rifle shooting, an incident hike at Kinnoull Hill, some more first aid training and more cooking on camping stoves.... in preparation for next month's camp!!

Euan's bit

Wow! 2 months have past already! We started the month off with the great birthday bash for everyone. I had great fun eating the whole night!
Whilst the new kitchen was being fitted my Dad, Shan, Howard and I ran away to Invermallie bothy! We had great fun paddling about and whitiling.
At Scouts we've been doing air rifle shooting and we had a incident hike where we put up an emergency shelter. Overall it was a good month and I look forward to the one ahead!

The year so far.

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