February 2018

February has been a low temperature month this year!
Euan had a couple of taster sessions of curling organised through school. He quite enjoyed them apart from having cold feet! During the mid term holiday, Euan and Mummy travelled to Glasgow for a day out. We loved our visit to the Science Centre at Pacific Quay but the sleety walk along side the Clyde was a different matter! To defrost, Euan and Daddy headed south for milder weather. They enjoyed two days in London, managing to visit Uncle Bob recuperating in Romford hospital, a trip to the Imperial War Museum and a considerable amount of eating! Meanwhile, back in Errol Mummy spent her time catching up on housework - no prizes for guessing who had most fun?!
Euan's class had a school trip to a local farm for the day - He enjoyed most of it but wasn't too interested in the talk about the cereal crops. He did use the information leaflet he had been given to look up some recipes using Scotch beef!
The end of the month saw the arrival of 'The Beast from the East' (no, it wasn't Mummy on a bad day!) This was a snowstorm resulting in three days off school for Mummy and Euan. Daddy however only had one night off work! Unfortunately the following night he needed to be rescued by the police from a huge snowdrift whilst trying to get back to Errol. He eventually had to abandon the car a mile away and walk the rest. Euan was very industrious after the snow fall and took great pride in keeping our path and pavement clear. Here's hoping March is a bit milder!

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