Lot's of weekend activities in June! Peter and Flora are back from Thailand for a little while so we caught up with them, and Auntie Gillian in North Berwick on a very warm weekend. We had a lovely Italian meal on the Saturday night and we all loved the desserts!! On the Sunday, Auntie Gillian came with us to the Museum of Flight - she loved seeing Concorde!
The following weekend we paid a visit to the Royal Highland Show. Auntie Margaret accompanied us and we had a super time watching the horse shoeing competition as well as seeing loads of animals. As ever, Euan particularly enjoyed the food hall and was given a discount by one stallholder in honour of his good manners!
The main news from school was the Primary 5 report card - as ever very good and perfect attendance too! Daddy went along to watch the, rearranged, school sports afternoon (thankfully it wasn't raining, this week!). School finished on Thursday 29th June, so Mummy to the Friday off to take Euan and his friend Hannah out for the day. We had a trip to Loch Leven Castle - a lovely little boat ride and lots of nook and crannies to explore in the building - pity about the midgies though! Only another six weeks of school holidays to go...

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