November 2018

The month started with Euan on a Scout hike for a day and a visit from Shetland Granny. Excellent turkey dinner at the farm when we took granny back there.
The following weekend was Rememberance Sunday, we all attended the service and Euan had a reading to do, he was very good.
Euan had a couple of days off for half term and so Mummy had a couple of days off as well. They had a day out in Perth and a day in Dundee, underwhelmed by the new V& A museum. Some excellent rugby, at Cupar was followed by Daddy chasing around to fix computers.
And then it was the Birthday weekend! We went out for dinner, Tapas, again. The weather didn't recognise Euan's birthday, it was cold and wet rugby training but he stuck at it.

The year so far.

Last year.

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