There have been lots of outdoor activities in May, mainly for Euan but Mum and Dad have been active too!
Euan was away at Dalguise Outdoor Centre as a residential trip with the rest of the P7's for 4 nights. They had fantastic, sunny and warm weather...which meant there wasn't actually that much dirty washing to do when he came home! Despite being absolutely exhausted from the trip, Euan managed to summon up enough energy to go along to Scout's on the Friday night. This was an evening at Willowgate doing some kayaking and Katakanu! Great fun! They had a return visit two weeks later to do some stand up paddling boarding which had involved a lot of swimming about in the water!!
Not to be outdone, Daddy decided to take a trip to Lochore Meadows to do some windsurfing. The weather was ideal, and he was soon flying across the water! Euan and Mummy looked on in appreciation at his skill as we cycled round the loch (well actually we were just checking he hadn't drowned!)
Home improvements continued in May - Euan's bedroom had a makeover whilst he was away. Walls are now painted orange and blue ...looks better than it sounds!
Mummy and Euan had an overnight trip down to Shipley in Yorkshire at the beginning of May to attend Laura and Nick's wedding. It was a lovely occasion and a joy to attend. Many people commented on how dapper Euan looked in his tartan waistcoat which Mummy had sewn for him. Not forgetting the bow tie!

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